Camino Ingles or the English Way

Those who walk the Camino Ingles, or English Way, are often referred to as the seafaring pilgrims of Northern Europe. Through the ages, pilgrims from countries as far away as Scandinavia, England, Scotland and Ireland would have sailed to the northern coast of Galicia to reach the tomb of St James. Arriving into the ports of Viverio, Ribadeo, Ferrol and A Coruna they would begin their walk to Santiago de Compostela.

The Camino Ingles starts from either of the coastal enclaves of Ferrol or A Coruna. When deciding which destination to start from it is worth bearing in mind that you are only eligible for the Compostela, Pilgrim Certificate, if you walk over 100km. From A Coruna to Santiago de Compostela the distance on this route is only 74km. If you want to get your Compostela, you will need to walk 25km in your own country and have proof of your walk. However, from Ferrol to Santiago de Compostela, the route is 118km, so Follow the Camino would encourage you to walk this route of the English Way in order to receive your Compostela.

Ferrol is a charming harbour town that is steeped in history. Serving as a fishing port in the time of the Romans, Ferrol grew in both size and importance. During the 16th Century, Ferrol Port was used as a safe harbour for the Spanish Armada. As the town grew in size, the urban layout of the Esteiro and Magdalena neighbourhoods was greatly influenced by the Enlightenment and is currently recognised as one of the most interesting urban projects of that time, contributing to its candidacy as a World Heritage Site. Find out more about Ferrol and the English Way here.

This walk is a great alternative to the last 100km of the French Way from Sarria to Santiago de Compostela.  Following the shoreline for the first few days, the route turns inland, ascending into the lush, wooded mountains towards Santiago de Compostela. This route gives you an unparalleled scenic feast, offering coastal to mountainous to city views, allowing you many opportunities along the way to really get a flavour for this area of Galicia.


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Walk the English Way from Ferrol to Santiago