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So, you’ve decided to weave your story into the tapestry of the Camino de Santiago by walking the Camino Francés, and you’ve landed in León – buckle up because you’re in for a local’s guide to this gem of a city.

If you only have one day to discover the rich gastronomy of this city you might feel like it’s not enough, but don’t worry – follow these steps and enjoy all the flavors in 24 hours.

First things first – breakfast! “Café con leche” (a latte) and a pastry are the local morning ritual. It’s simple, but trust us on this one: it’s the perfect fuel for the day ahead.

As you spend de morning walking around the city you’ll notice a change in the atmosphere – it’s aperitivo time! Starting at around 12 PM locals will gather in bars to enjoy a drink and a bite before lunch. Although many will choose beer, there are options for every taste: red vermut is (re)gaining popularity all over Spain, and a light wine might also do the trick and start the juices flowing before the party starts.

Picture this: you’re wandering through narrow streets, the air filled with the sounds of laughter and clinking glasses. That’s when you hit the local bars for tapas.

You’ll surely find plenty of options wherever you are in the city, but if you’re looking for a treat, head to Calle Ancha – it’s like the tapas highway of León. La Bicha and La Oreja de Jaime are local legends. Grab a drink, and they’ll serve you up a plate of goodness to go with it. The local blood sausage, morcilla, is a must-try, and if you’re feeling fancy, ask for some queso de Valdeón – a creamy blue cheese that’s pure bliss.

For lunch, hit Plaza MayorEl Rebote is a classic spot – order the cocido leonés. It’s always delicious but it’s specially great during the cold months of the year. Cocido is a hearty stew with all the local fixings – chorizo, veggies, and more. Pair it with a local red, and you’re set.

Alternatively, venture into El Barrio Romántico. There, the restaurant El Racimo is your go-to. Their lechazo asado (roast lamb) is legendary – perfectly crispy on the outside, melt-in-your-mouth inside. A red wine from the nearby Bierzo region will complement it just right.

Tapas in Lugo

When the sun goes down, locals know where to go: the Barrio Húmedo is where León’s culinary magic happens.

As the sun sets, head to La Chanfaina. This joint has some serious character, and the pulpo a la gallega (Galician-style octopus) is a showstopper. Wash it down with a crisp Albariño to taste the flavors you’re about to enjoy in Galicia, or choose a local craft beer if you fancy something else!

Now, let’s talk streets. Calle Ancha and Calle Alfonso V are your tapas playgrounds. Wander around Plaza Mayor for a taste of local life, and when the night kicks in, León’s nightlife is a treasure trove.

For a chill vibe, check out La Tetería, a cozy teahouse with a laid-back atmosphere. Hit the lively Ordoño II for some bar-hopping fun. If you’re up for some live music, El Gran Café is the spot. They often have local bands jamming away.

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Can you feel it?

León isn’t just a stop on the Camino; it’s a vibrant city that you’ll surely love! From morning coffee rituals to late-night tapas and wines, this city is a gastronomic playground waiting for you to explore. Lace up those boots, and plan for the journey of a lifetime¡Buen Camino!


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