Traveling the Camino in October? We got you covered!

Family walking the Camino through forest in rain

2022 is the year to rejoice travelling! The Camino is catching up with Covid cancellations, with the autumn season being one of the most popular times to experience it – we’re selling out fast! Especially along those last 100km trips arriving in Santiago. While we are booking up for September we still have availability for October, the last month before winter kicks in.

October is an excellent time to walk the Camino! Stroll through ancient woods with a gentle breeze keeping you cool, stepping on freshly fallen leaves. Inhale the crisp air as you witness the change of the season and the colors of nature.

There are an abundance of reasons why the Camino de Santiago is an enchanting experience during the month of October. Be it the unique festivals and celebrations along different routes, or the breathtaking views. In this blog article we are listing some of the top reasons to do the Camino in the month of October. Read on to know more!

The weather!

Given that the most popular choice to experience the Camino de Santiago is on foot, weather plays a huge role in your Camino journey. Most of the routes for the Camino have neither too cold nor too warm days, which makes it an ideal temperature to walk the Camino.

Camino de Santiago in October

The Camino FrancesCamino Portuguese and Camino del Norte would be the top three ideal routes to walk the Camino during October with temperatures ranging from 15 to 20 degrees in most parts. One can enjoy the picturesque routes of the Camino’s mentioned above in a peaceful way while spending time with yourself!

The Camino Ingles and Camino de Finisterre are also great routes for the month of October, however these could be rather rainy so be sure to carry a windcheater! If you want to find out more about the weather along the Camino do check out Follow The Camino’s weather map

The Festivals!

If you chose to do the Camino in the month of October you get the opportunity to experience some unmissable festivals. We have taken the liberty to list down some of our top favorites!

  1. San Froilán Festival (Lugo, Galicia and León, León Province) ; takes place from 4th October to 12th October in Lugo on the Orignal way and Leon on the French way.
  2. Dia de la Hispanidad – Hispanic Day: celebrated worldwide especially in America, takes place on the 12th of October annually.
  3. The Redondela Apple festival: Usually celebrated on the first Sunday of October in the town of Redondela along the Portuguese way.
  4. Bilbao Night Marathon (Bilbao, Basque Country): The night marathon occurs annually in the month of October.

These are some of the festivals unique to the month of October! With Follow The Camino’s customizable Camino options we can accommodate extra days in your Camino journey for you to experience these festivals with enough time to spare!

No Crowds!

Some of the most common complaints we have gotten from our Camino travelers around the months of August – September are that its get too hot and too busy! This makes October the perfect time to enjoy the comradery of people while experiencing the Camino in peace simultaneously.

Here’s what some of our Camino travelers had to say about the Camino in the month of October ‘What a wonderful tour experience I had. For people going for pilgrims I can say it’s a beautiful place and a life time experience’.

Plan your Camino before it sells out!

We at Follow The Camino can assure you, your Camino journey in the month of October would be an unmissable experience! Go ahead and book now for a customized Camino journey.

We are passionate about the Camino and active holidays, and we would love to help you to create your perfect Camino tour itinerary.

If you would like to experience walking the Camino de Santiago in October, please get in contact with our Camino experts at


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