Costa da Morte: The Impressive End Of The World

Costa da Morte - Finisterre End of the Camino and end of the world

Does “Costa da Morte” sound dangerous and misterious to you? It should! The Coast of Death’s history is just as dark and appealing as it sounds – or maybe even more.

Although for most pilgrims the Camino ends in Santiago de Compostela, it doesn’t have to be like that! Walk some extra miles to discover Costa da Morte, the end of the world!

Once you’re on your Way, you’ll discover the tradition to follow the Camino to Finisterre or Muxía – right to the end of the world! These beautiful fishermen’s towns are right in the heart center of the Costa da Morte. Definitely worth the effort!

Costa da morte end of the Camino and end of the world

Costa da Morte is right in the middle of the three main coastal areas of Galicia. It’s just 120 kilometers long, from Malpica to Fisterra. To the north it limits with the Rías Altas, and to the south with Rías Baixas.

Legend has it that this region is the end of the world. And for a long time, before Europe discovered America, it was! The sun sets right on top of the ocean and there’s no other land that’s more septentrions than this one. It was the last part of the map before it ended.

Costa da morte end of the Camino and end of the world

Mythology on the side, Costa da Morte’s name is related to its geography. Ships from all over the world sank here, and it’s not just an overstatement: more than 600 shipwrecks have been reported in this region! There are hidden rocks, incredible cliffs, and powerful tides to blame. Costa da Morte has always been – and still is – the most dangerous coastline in Spain.

During your visit you’ll discover a region covered in impressive landscape, beautiful lighthouses, breath-taking cliffs, and small villages and towns that will welcome you with open arms. And if you’re in for a treat, you can’t go wrong ordering seafood here – it’s the best you’ll ever try!

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Buen Camino!


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