Reasons to Walk the Camino Finisterre

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The Camino Finisterre or Muxia Way is a smaller Camino that can often be overlooked. However, this stunning 6 day Camino route is full of wonderful highlights for everyone to explore. Here are some of our top reasons to walk the Camino Finisterre.

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1. Walk to the End of the World

The name Finisterre comes from the Latin “finis” and “terrae” and means the end of the Earth. It was believed to be the end of the world in medieval times, before the discovery of the Americas.

It is now the final stop for many pilgrims walking the Camino de Santiago. You will find the traditional Camino markings all the way to the lighthouse, where the 0.0km sign stands.

The backdrop of the high cliffs and towering lighthouse along with a stunning sunset makes this a worthwhile walk for your bucket list.

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2. Learn about the Myths and Legends of Finisterre

The Camino Finisterre includes the towns of Fisterra and Muxia, both of which have a rich spiritual history deeply rooted in myths, legends, and stories.

According to legend, the remains of a small stone boat that belonged to the Virgin Mary are located on the coast. It is believed that she came to this beautiful spot to encourage St James in his teachings. You can visit the sanctuary of Nosa Senora da Barca or “Our Lady of the Boat” outside Muxía. Find out more about the stories of Finisterre here.

3. Visit the Beaches of Finisterre

Relax after your Camino on the secluded beaches of Western Galicia. The beaches of Playa Lagosteira and Playa de Rostro, are two of the best secret spots in Galicia. The white sand beaches are very clean with clear warm water and gentle relaxing waves. Go early in the morning and you can have the whole beach to yourself! It is important to have some downtime after walking many kilometres or miles on the Camino.

Check out some more options for Spanish Beach holidays after your Camino. You may even see some scallop shells as you take relaxing strolls along the soft sands.

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4.Take a Cruise at Worlds End

Looking for something else to mark the end of your Camino? Then why not try a cruise! See the cliffs and lighthouse of Finisterre from a different angle on the Atlantic ocean. During this cruceros Fisterra, you will get to see the lighthouse, the cape, and an amazing sunset from a unique perspective.

The Camiño de Fisterra e Muxía is a secret Camino that many overlook. If this journey sounds like one you must take, get in touch with us for more information or a custom made itinerary tailored for you. The Camino Finisterre has a lot to offer, let us help you experience it!


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