All You Need To Know to Walk the Last 100 Kilometers of the Camino

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So you’ve made up your mind: You’re walking the last 100 kilometers of the Camino de Santiago. Way to go! (pun intended!).

To get ready for an epic journey filled with new friends, breathtaking scenery, and a whole lot of soul-searching, we are diving into six amazing routes that will take you there – all while allowing you to get that desired Pilgrim Certificate: the Compostela! But first things first…

Why Choose to Walk the Last 100 Kilometers?

  • The Compostela: First off, let’s talk about the badge of honor for every pilgrim: la Compostela. Walk the last 100 kilometers, and you’ll earn this certificate that shouts to the world, “Hey, I did it! I walked to Santiago” It’s like the ultimate finisher’s medal that will allow you to brag all you want when you get back home, only this one comes with more spiritual meaning. On this note: if you’d like to cycle your Camino, you’ll need do it for 200 km to reach your Compostela!
  • Rich Cultural Experience: The last stretch isn’t just a walk; it’s a cultural rollercoaster. Charming villages, historic landmarks, and meeting fellow pilgrims from every corner of the globe – and locals from this particular corner. It’s a unique blend of history, tradition, and self-discovery that’ll become the journey of a lifetime.
  • Fair Time Commitment: Got a week to spare? Perfect! The last 100 kilometers take around 7 or 8 days to walk, making it a doable adventure for those of us with tight schedules. It’s the kind of journey that fits into a vacation, a sabbatical, or even a spontaneous escape from the daily grind. Neither you nor your friends will have an excuse for this!

Here are the 6 Most Popular Routes to Walk:

1. Sarria to Santiago:

Yes, this is the option that comes to everybody’s mind when we talk about the Camino – and for a reason! Starting your Camino in Sarria means wandering through picturesque places like Barbadelo and Ferreiros, where every stone tells a story. If you choose this option, you’ll fall in love with the medieval charm of Portomarín. And the grand finale? Santiago’s Cathedral, where you’ll find a mix of exhaustion and euphoria. You can’t go wrong with this way!

Furelos - Ponte Velha

2. Oia to Santiago:

The route that wins more adepts each year: the Portugal Coastal route from Oia. Trust us – this 120-kilometer route is a feast for the eyes. You’ll walk through vineyards, eucalyptus forests, and charming villages like Vilanova de Cerveira or Arcade, with its medieval bridge. As you near Santiago, the landscape will be transformed from rural beauty to the hustle and bustle of urban excitement. You’ll never forget it.

3. Ourense to Santiago:

Ready for a journey more inland? Starting in the thermal city of Ourense, this 110-kilometer route is also a good option for history lovers – it seems to belong in a storybook. Roman bridges, historic towns like Bandeira, and the welcoming embrace of the most traditional Galician landscape. Santiago’s Cathedral will become a symbol of triumph that will stay with you forever.

a picture of a pilgrim sitting in front of the cathedral

4. Tui to Santiago:

Start by the Portuguese border? Say no more! This 115-kilometer stretch isn’t just a walk; it’s a stroll through history. You’ll begin your journey by the Tui Cathedral, immerse yourself in amazing forests, and visit the most beautiful towns like Redondela. You’ll feel the spirit of the Camino seeping into your soul as you experience the warmth of Galician hospitality along the way.

5. Lugo to Santiago:

Lugo, with its well-preserved Roman walls, kickstarts this 98-kilometer escapade. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to eat Galician traditional cuisine, smell its delicious eucalyptus forests, get lost in charming villages, and flow between rural and urban landscapes that define this route. Each step feels like a dance through time, stepping both in the past and the present at the same time.

6. Ferrol to Santiago:

The Camino Inglés that starts in Ferrol, a coastal gem that is now as popular as it should, and will take you to the beautiful, medieval charm of Betanzos. Brace yourself for the climb to Hospital de Bruma, and then relish the sweet descent into Santiago. The journey is demanding, but the reward is nothing short of spectacular!

Experiences on the Camino Feira Franca Betanzos street

Can You Hear the Camino Calling?

The last 100 kilometers of the Camino de Santiago are calling, each route with its own unique tales to tell. Whether you’re drawn to the historic charm of Tui, the coastal allure of Oia, or the inland wonders of Ourense, ask for a quote today and enjoy this transformative adventure. We’ll take care of everything, while you tighten those shoelaces, throw on that backpack, and let the Camino spirit guide you. ¡Buen Camino!


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