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A Different Road – Experiencing the Camino in Another Way

For many, walking the Camino is all about ambling slowly amongst the wonderful scenery, clearing your head, leaving behind the commotion of modern life. Perhaps even discovering yourself along the way. Others want a little bit more adventure in their journey and luckily that desire is well catered for too. If you find the pace of walking too slow, then a bike might be your answer. On our Follow The Camino Bike Trails, you can bring your own bike or a bike and accessories can be provided for you as part of your package. For an authentic mountain bike riding experience, you can cycle on the walking trail and really get a feel for the rough terrain. Alternatively, for a less physically demanding and smoother ride, you can choose to cycle on the nearby road. When cycling the Camino, the strain of going uphill is well worth it for the exhilaration and reward of cruising back down.

Another completely different approach is to saddle up! Some people love to travel the Camino on Horseback, and we will provide a fully equipped horse for the journey. Don’t worry if you’re not an expert rider, you only need to have basic experience of trail riding. Travelling on horseback allows you to cover a lot of ground. You will travel around 30km per day. As you are on horseback you will benefit from an elevated vantage point from which you can admire the Iberian scenery. There is a number of scheduled rest stops along the way with watering facilities for your horse and places to get a bite to eat.

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You can also visit the various places and monuments of interest. Your hotel/guesthouse should have on-site facilities to host the animal. In the odd case where this is not possible, we will arrange for your horse to stay in nearby stables and we will bring you to your accommodation. Horseback Trails are usually done in groups of five or six, accompanied by two English speaking guides – one rider and one driver to carry equipment. This is available for certain sections of the French Way and Portuguese Way.

Another option is the donkey walk, which is available on the Le Puy Route. Traditionally, Pilgrims walking the Camino would have a donkey in tow to carry luggage and provide companionship. It’s an enjoyable and practical way to experience the Camino de Santiago. Even just walking the Camino can be highly adventurous. The Aragonese Way, for example, is a demanding but rewarding trail. It starts at the steppes of the Pyrenees before reaching the Navarra Mountains and joining the Camino Frances in Puente de la Reina. Expect some incredible views. Follow the Camino has created a user-friendly grading system for all routes, ranging from Easy to Moderate to Challenging. Using this grading system makes it possible to satisfy your desire for adventure without compromising safety and comfort. Assess your own capabilities, find the right fit for you and your Camino experience will be unforgettable.

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