Take Advantage of Booking Your Holidays Early- What to Look For

Written by Umberto

Now is is the perfect time to start planning, booking and preparing physically for your holidays on the Camino de Santiago tours. Of course planning, organising, selecting and managing is what we do as a tour operator. We enjoy knowing our hard work pays off and you have a great holiday. So, if we do all the hard work for you planning, why do you need to organise yourself in advance?

Cheaper Flights and Great Early Booking Discounts 

Biking the Camino

As you know the earlier you buy your flights the cheaper they will be. At the moment, all the major airlines are having Spring break discount. In which case, this is the ideal time to grab yourself a bargain especially if you are coming from far away.

But did you know that we offer better rates for early bookings?

All year round if you book your holiday at least 2 months in advance we will give you a 5% discount. Just ask your Customer Service team member for this discount.

The Best Rooms go to our Early Bookers

Because we start reserving your accommodation as soon as you book with us, by booking several months in advance you are guaranteed more flexibility (custom itineraries, greater options with regards to swimming pools, baths, single rooms, dedicated team member to advise you) and better rooms / hotels standards. We spend a lot of time selecting the best hotels along the way. That being said, as we provide on a first come-first served basis and the hotel rooms are limited, the best rooms go to the early birds.

Time to prepare mentally and physically 

Walking the Camino

Walking the Camino routes is a uniquelphysical challenge. Someone who plays sport on a regular basis may struggle walking all day. While a person who’s less physically fit may find the endurance test quite manageable – if they’ve prepared well. You don’t need to be the kind of person who can run a four-minute mile. However, you do need to have your body and mind prepared for long walks of roughly 25 kilometres per day.

 “Happiness quite unshared can scarcely be called happiness; it has no taste.” – Charlotte Brontë

Walking the Camino can be done solo or with your friends. Everybody’s journey along the Camino is unique and personal. For some people, the Camino is a path they want to walk alone in order to reflect. Others people walk the Camino as it is a great opportunity to meet people and socialise. And for others, it is the perfect time to catch up and spend quality time with their friends. If your ideal Camino journey is with a group of your closest friends then you will need to give them time. The earlier you give them the itinerary, departure dates and prices, the better the chance of convincing them to go.

Also, we have great rates for groups of 6 or more and we can organise custom packages to suit your requirements so give us a call

+353 1 687 2144

or email info@followthecamino.com for advice and a free quote.

Take a look at How We Select Your Accommodation here

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